Digital Forensics Retainer Services

You never know when a security incident will occur in your organization. In fact, since 2013 there are 3,809,448 records from breaches stolen every single day worldwide. When broken down, that translates to 158,727 records every hour, 2,645 records every minute, and 44 records every second. The fact of the matter is it is no longer a matter of if a breach will occur, rather when a breach will occur.

Therefore, it is essential for organizations to be prepared for security incidents by having a reputable, experienced, and trusted partner on their side. In addition, some compliance requirements, such as the FFIEC Business Continuity Handbook (Appendix J) strongly urge organizations to have a trusted third party on retainer to be prepared for a security incident. stockvault-biometric-fingerprint-identification174344.jpg

With the Compass Digital Forensics Retainer Services, you can use some or all of our digital forensics services, based on your unique situation, when you need them, so you can properly and efficiently respond to a security incident when the time comes.

Why Compass?

Compass has a team of dedicated forensic analysts that are experienced in the collection, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence related to security incidents. This process requires a unique set of skills that not only helps you understand all aspects of the incident but that also follows proper law enforcement guidelines around proper evidence handling and chain of custody protocols. To discuss your specific situation and needs in greater detail, please contact us.