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Covered Entities and Business Associates face the daily challenge of providing high quality services while complying with an increasingly complex security threat landscape and regulatory environment. In fact, some recent Healthcare statistics include:

  • One in three healthcare records have been compromised
  • Ransomware attacks against Healthcare continue to rise at an alarming rate
  • Healthcare records have decreased in value on the black market simply due to the sheer number of records that are available. computer-1149148_640.jpg

In addition to HIPAA/HITECH Compliance, Covered Entities and Business Associates face the task of also complying with industry regulations such as the PCI Data Security Standards. With this maze of sensitive information floating throughout an organization, the risks are unprecedented and ultimately make Healthcare a top target for attackers.

The good news is that Compass has a suite of solutions to help Covered Entities and Business Associates comply with HIPAA/HITECH Regulations, secure their patient's data, and get back to what they do best: Treat patients and save lives.


HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Services


Security Assessment Services

Identify what protected health information, either physical or logical, you maintain on your patient's and assess your current risk position against the HIPAA/HITECH Regulations


Evaluate your technology to identify vulnerabilities, risk rank those vulnerabilities, and prioritize your remediation efforts to mitigate your risk

PCI Compliance Services


IT Policy and Procedure Development

Assess your risk against the latest version of the PCI Data Security Standards and implement solutions to achieve and maintain compliance with the latest version of the PCI Data Security Standards


Policies and Procedures are challenging and time consuming, yet essential for a Healthcare organizations. With a number of IT Policy and Procedure development programs to fit your needs, Compass can take on the burden of ensuring you have the policies and procedures you need

 Vendor Management 



Managing vendors and third party service providers is becoming more and more challenging while posing a greater risk than ever to Healthcare organizations. Compass can assess the risk your vendors pose and provide recommendations to mitigate that risk.