Responsible Social Networking
This 25-minute course defines the risks and consequences of social networking and provides guidance to help employees use social media responsibly. Social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have become increasingly popular venues to post opinions and network with colleagues. An organization’s success relies on all employees understanding these risks. 

Topics Include: 

  • Defining social networking risks
  • The consequences with using social networks
  • Best practices when using social media
  • Public Information policies and standards

Safe Remote and Mobile Computing
This 25-minute course defines the  risks of remote and mobile computing as well as the best practices  employees should take when working at home, in transit, or away from the  office. Safe Remove And Mobile Computing

Topics Include:

  • Risks of using mobile devices
  • Best practices for using mobile devices and connecting to networks
  • Protecting equipment and data when working remotely
  • Identifying and reporting security threats




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