Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers face the mounting threat of a cyber attack as criminals look for new methods to make money and harm the reputation of organizations. When combined with a lack of investment in Information Security methods, this sets up for a dangerous environment. In fact, some recent Manufacturing Cybersecurity statistics include: 

  • Manufacturing is the 2nd most attacked industry, trailing only Healthcare
  • The FBI estimates that $400 billion worth of Intellectual Property is stolen from US Manufacturing firms each year
  • A hacker stays hidden inside an organization's network for an average of 140 days, planning how they will get sensitive information out of the organization

When you combine these factors with the limited regulatory environment for manufacturing firms, you have a dangerous situation developing.

The good news is that Compass has a suite of solutions to help Manufacturing companies protect their intellectual property and mitigate their risks of falling victim to a cyber attack.


Security Assessment Services

Evaluate your technology to identify vulnerabilities, risk rank those vulnerabilities, and prioritize your remediation efforts to mitigate your risk

Vendor Management

Managing vendors and third party service providers is becoming more and more challenging while posing a greater risk than ever to Manufacturers. Compass can assess the risk your vendors pose and provide recommendations to mitigate that risk

NIST IT Risk Assessment Services

Using either the NIST Cybersecurity Framework or NIST SP 800-171, assess your risk related to the prescribed controls and develop a remediation plan to mitigate your overall risk

IT Policy and Procedure Development

Policies and Procedures are challenging and time consuming, yet essential for Manufacturing organizations. With a number of IT Policy and Procedure development programs to fit your needs, Compass can take on the burden of ensuring you have the policies and procedures you need