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CCPA Services

CCPA Compliance Services

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is landmark legislation that secures new privacy rights for California consumers. Effective January 1st, 2020, companies must ensure that they are securing and maintaining the privacy of the data they hold on residents of California.

Who and What Data is Protected?

All California residents are protected under the California Consumer Privacy Act with respect to any information that relates to them. Californians are not just protected in their roles as consumers, but also as employees, patients, tenants, students, parents, children, etc. The term "personal information" is used broadly as "any information that relates to a particular consumer or household". Data can be protected even if it does not relate to a single individual (since "households" are covered) and if it does not contain a name.

Who Must Comply?

Companies around the world have to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act if they receive personal data from California residents and if they — or their parent company or a subsidiary — exceed one of three thresholds:

  1. Annual gross revenues of $25 million
  2. Obtains personal information of 50,000 or more California residents, households, or devices annually
  3. 50 percent or more annual revenue from selling California residents’ personal information

Compass IT Compliance Services

  • CCPA Risk Assessment - Assess your current level of compliance with CCPA, identify gaps in controls, and identify key work areas that your organization must address to achieve and/or maintain compliance with the regulation
  • CCPA Audit - Our experienced, certified IT Auditors will examine your IT controls mapped against CCPA requirements, obtain evidence to determine if the controls are operating effectively to achieve your organization's objectives and satisfy regulation requirements, and provide attestation of audit along with remediation strategies. A deeper dive assessment compared to the CCPA Risk Assessment, the CCPA Audit will include evidence sampling
  • CCPA Advisory Services - Work with your organization and tailor our project to your specific needs to address any concerns that you have related to CCPA, assist in the implementation and updating of policies and procedures, or assist in assessing the risk your third party providers pose related to CCPA

CCPA is here and enforcement is under way. Contact us today to learn how Compass IT Compliance can assist you with your CCPA compliance needs!

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