Vendor Management Software

Vendor Management (VM) Software: One Platform. One Solution.

Vendors are essential to business efficiency and growth, but managing risk and complying with regulations and best practices can cut into your bottom line.

Compass Vendor Management Software seamlessly integrates all facets of oversight, planning, due diligence, risk assessments, contract review, and monitoring into one platform: 

  • Side-by-side risk scoring
  • Contact information
  • Financials
  • Contracts
  • Expiration Notification

Dashboard Interface

A customizable dashboard puts essential Vendor Management information at a glance and reports, documents, and other essential vendor information at your fingertips.

Centralized Reporting

The Compass Vendor Management reporting tool identifies high-risk relationships, assessment status, overall exposure, and provides audit-ready templates for SSAE16 reports or any custom output need.

Key Features

  • Store and access digital files
  • Due date notifications
  • Pre-built and custom templates
  • User group security
  • Track document changes

Individual Security, Shared Costs

Chances are you share vendors with your peers, yet each bear the full cost of compliance. Compass VM Software ensures due diligence, while dividing expenses across multiple institutions. That means guaranteed due diligence in key areas at a fraction of the expense:

  • Plan development
  • Documentation
  • Criticality rankings
  • Provision of SSAE16, insurance certificates, credit reports, validation of incorporation, legal actions, information security documentation, human resources, business continuity plans
  • Annual updates and audit / examiner reviews

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