Who is Compass Assurance Team?

Compass Assurance Team, operating as a fully licensed and accredited CPA firm with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and an affiliate of Compass IT Compliance, specializes in providing thorough examination and reporting on controls, focusing particularly on SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 reports. These reports play a crucial role in today's increasingly outsourced business environment, where trust in data protection practices is paramount. As organizations share sensitive data with third parties, the need to bridge the trust gap through attestation reporting becomes more evident. Compass simplifies SOC reporting by offering a process that not only assures compliance but also serves as a confidence-building tool among stakeholders, demonstrating the presence of robust controls for business processes and IT to protect financial and sensitive client information.

The approach to SOC reporting adopted by Compass is meticulous and tailored, covering the initial selection of Trust Services Criteria (TSC) to the final reporting stages. Through our relationship with Compass IT Compliance, we can assist with all readiness activities to develop the best foundation for an unqualified opinion, indicating that the controls tested as part of the report appear to be designed and operating effectively. This process is designed to meet and exceed an organization's specific compliance needs, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of SOC reports. With a broad spectrum of industries served, including technology, financial services, healthcare, and more, Compass brings specialized audit services to a diverse range of organizations. This expertise underscores the importance of SOC reports in various sectors, highlighting our firm’s ability to provide comprehensive compliance and audit solutions across multiple industries.

Choosing Compass for SOC reporting means opting for a partner that drives trust and transparency, not just internally but also with external stakeholders. Our services are geared towards increasing efficiencies while simultaneously reducing the compliance costs and time associated with audits and vendor questionnaires. Our flexible, customized reporting is aimed at meeting contractual obligations and addressing market concerns, providing a proactive approach to risk management across an organization.

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