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Fact: 78% of people claim to know the risks associated with unknown links in emails and click the link anyway

Fact: Phishing attacks are the primary method bad actors use to gain access to your system, steal sensitive information or hold your information hostage with ransomware.

Phishing attacks — specifically spear phishing attacks that target specific individuals with personalized messages — remain among the top threats to organizations of all sizes and industries.

What Is a Phishing Attack?

Phishing attacks are forms of social engineering where criminals attempt to deceive users into revealing sensitive information or performing undesirable acts. Attackers could trick users into clicking a link that directs them to a malicious website or downloading an attachment that could infect their network with ransomware or malware.

Cybercriminals orchestrate the majority of phishing attacks through emails. They also use malicious websites and telephone scams to target vulnerable companies. The information technology (IT) industry often refers to phone attacks as vishing and text message attacks as smishing.

These attacks can lead to consequences such as sensitive data loss, compromised accounts and infections with ransomware. As more businesses become digitized and transfer to the cloud, communication networks globally face increased attacks in all shapes and forms.

Phishing Risk Assessments and Training From Compass IT Compliance

Simulated phishing tests are an essential component of an organization's information security program. Your employees are your first and last line of defense when it comes to mitigating your risk of a data breach or ransomware attack. For that reason, a successful phishing assessment plan includes three main components:

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  • Test - By testing your employees through simulated phishing attacks, you heighten their awareness to ongoing threats and create a culture of security in your organization.
  • Train - After testing your employees, train them on areas to improve upon to mitigate your risk of a successful attack. You can conduct this training in various ways, including computer-based security awareness training delivered instantly to users who click on a link in a simulated attack.
  • Repeat - Simulated phishing attacks must be a consistent, ongoing part of your information security program. Conducting a phishing test once a year is not enough. Best practices suggest that you test your users at least monthly.

Assessment Reporting

In addition to our testing services, we provide detailed reporting for all phishing services. Some of the key metrics our reports include:

  • Percentage of users who clicked on the suspicious link
  • Percentage of users who clicked on the suspicious link multiple times
  • Repeat "clickers"
  • Baseline reporting to show trending and improvement over time

Industries That Benefit From Our Phishing Assessment Services

Although the finance and technology sectors have traditionally been at the top of the list for phishing attacks, cybercriminals continue to cast a broader net to target less resilient industries that are often more vulnerable, primarily because of the lack of awareness and training. In addition, attackers prey on hybrid and remote work environments because of their growing popularity in cloud environments.

Compass IT Compliance has years of expertise in helping industries of all types combat potential phishing attacks, including:

Discover More About Compass IT Compliance's Phishing Assessments

Compass IT Compliance has several solutions designed to meet your phishing assessment needs. From one-time phishing test programs to ongoing, consistent testing and training, we have a program to fit your needs. Contact us online today to learn more about how we can help!