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Information technology (IT) policies lay the groundwork for a culture of security inside an organization. These policies outline the technology do's and don'ts for all employees to maintain proper information security, ultimately helping you mitigate the risk of a breach or incident. However, such documents are very long and time-consuming to create, especially if no one in your organization has experience with technical or IT writing.

IT Policy Templates From Compass IT Compliance

Compass IT Compliance is here to help! We offer 33 different IT Security Policy Templates, customizable with a client's logo and the desired mapping.

Our policy templates include the following:

1. Access Control Policy
2. Antivirus Policy
3. Asset Management Policy
4. Audit Logging and Monitoring Policy
5. Backup and Recovery Policy
6. BCP and DR Policy
7. Change Management Policy
8. Data Breach Response Policy
9. Encryption Policy
10. Incident Response Policy
11. Information Classification Policy
12. Information Disposal Policy
13. Information Protection Policy
14. Information Retention Policy
15. Internet Security Policy
16. IT Acceptable Use Policy
17. Mobile Devices Policy


18. Network Device Configuration Policy
19. Password Management Policy
20. Patch Management Policy
21. Personal Device Policy
22. Physical and Environmental Security Policy
23. Problem Management Policy
24. Remote Access Policy
25. Risk Assessment and Audit Policy
26. Security Training and Awareness Policy
27. Segregation of Duties Policy
28. Server and Computer Configuration Policy
29. Social Media Policy
30. System Acquisition and Development Policy
31. Third Party Access Policy
32. Third Party Management Policy
33. Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing Policy


Benefits of Using IT Policy Templates for Your Organization

When you choose policy templates from Compass IT Compliance, you'll experience benefits like:

  • Cost efficiency: Creating IT policies with your internal team or hiring an outside consultant to write one for you is a significant investment. Modifying an existing template or using one that fits your precise needs saves a great deal of money for your organization.
  • Time savings: Drafting a policy from scratch is highly time-consuming, regardless of who writes it for you. Using an existing template can reduce the time it takes to create a policy by more than half.
  • Expertise: Creating a policy on your own may result in omitting a key component, guideline or requirement that can potentially affect your business, employees or stakeholders. Policy templates already contain much of the critical information you need for your industry, since they include tried and tested regulations from similar operations.

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IT Policy Templates for a Comprehensive Industry Range

Our IT policy templates help organizations in many industries, from local, state and federal government agencies to state lotteries, casinos and online gambling operations in the gaming sector. Additional businesses our templates can assist include:

  • Financial services like banks, credit unions, insurance companies and brokerage houses.
  • Health care organizations like clinics, hospitals, home care agencies and pharmacies.
  • Manufacturing operations, including oil and gas refineries, food processing plants and industrial fabricators.
  • Technology businesses such as electronic appliance manufacturers, telecommunication companies and software as a service (SaaS) providers.
  • Higher education institutions like universities, colleges and online learning platforms.
  • Nonprofit entities such as religious institutions, charities, museums and volunteer services.
  • Utility service providers, including gas, electricity, sewer and water companies.
  • Entertainment and hospitality operations like hotels, amusement parks, restaurants, sports venues and cruise ships.
  • Retail industry businesses like convenience stores, supermarkets, department stores and e-commerce operations.

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