Social Engineering & Awareness Services

Social engineering is a favored tactic for attackers, exploiting human emotions and trust more easily than technical vulnerabilities. To combat this, it is crucial to have a comprehensive security program that includes regular awareness training and simulated attacks to pinpoint users needing extra instruction.

Types of Social Engineering & Awareness Services We Offer

Our comprehensive suite of social engineering and awareness services is designed to empower your organization by fostering a robust culture of security awareness and reinforcing your most valuable asset—your people. Through a targeted array of services, we help you develop and strengthen the human element of your cybersecurity defenses. Our offerings include:

Phishing Assessments

Security Awareness Training

Social Engineering Assessments

Cross-Industry Social Engineering & Awareness Strategies

Malicious actors are increasingly employing sophisticated social engineering tactics to infiltrate organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. Whether you operate in government, hospitality, legal, construction, manufacturing, or any other sector, Compass IT Compliance offers customized services tailored to evaluate your security controls and provide strategic recommendations. Other industries we work with include:

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