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Compass will assess the human aspect of Information Security to ensure appropriate controls are in place


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Compass will evaluate your processes and internal controls to identify gaps and areas of weakness


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Compass will review your existing technology configurations to identify potential vulnerabilities

Our Services

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Security Assessment Services

Compass offers a wide range of services to help you mitigate your risks and ultimately reduce those risks, making your organization more secure. From Vulnerability Scanning to Penetration Testing, Compass Security Professionals carry industry leading certifications combined with real-world experience to help you do what matters most: Protect your data!

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Financial Institution Services

Financial Institutions are at the center of the finance system in the United States. They are targets of hackers and thieves and are heavily regulated to ensure that they keep their data safe and secure. Compass offers a range of services, including Co-Sourced/Outsourced IT Audits, IT Risk Assessments, Social Engineering Assessments, and Vulnerability Scanning/Penetration Testing to keep your clients data and money safe

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PCI Compliance Services

Merchants and Service Providers alike find themselves as the targets of hackers and thieves. As a Qualified Security Assessor, Compass IT Compliance offers both merchants and service providers alike a host of services to help them comply with the latest version of the PCI Data Security Standards. Services that we offer include PCI Risk Assessments, PCI Report on Compliance (ROC), and Security Awareness Training

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Healthcare Services

The Healthcare industry faces unprecedented challenges in protecting the Protected Health Information that they maintain on their patients. With regulatory requirements becoming more stringent and complex than ever, covered entities and business associates need a trusted partner they can rely on to help them navigate these challenges. 

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Compass Compliance Portal

Now more than ever, organizations are being asked to do more with less. From ensuring that you have a documented Written Information Security Program to managing your third party service providers, regulators and organizations see the pressing need for a simplified, efficient way to manage these tasks. The Compass Compliance Portal gives you the flexibility and availability your organization demands  

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SOC 2 Services

Organizations are being required to demonstrate the steps and measures that they are taking to secure the data that they possess. By having an independent, third party, objective review, you are building trust with your customers and prospects and differentiating yourself from the competition. Whether you need help preparing for your AT 101 SOC 2 engagement or you need to go through the AT 101 SOC 2 process, Compass can assist you in each step to ensure you are successful throughout the entire process