Retail Industry

The retail industry is a stage for buying and selling. Technology makes this process easier, faster, and more wide-reaching. As such, additional and more perilous risks are introduced into the lifecycle. With the increase in online and digital payment services, protecting the information of consumers and companies is of the utmost importance.

Cybersecurity in the Retail Industry

As more businesses move toward e-commerce operations, highly effective retail industry cybersecurity strategies are becoming more vital. Business owners are digitizing their processes to create an efficient information technology (IT) infrastructure and provide customers with a streamlined buying experience. However, cloud-based strategies for cybersecurity present unique challenges, particularly for companies that have recently migrated their operations to the cloud.

Some examples of the challenges that many of today's retail operations face include:

  • Card-not-present transaction risks
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • Phishing and skimming threats and attacks
  • Increased responsibility for sensitive information
  • Use of third-party plugins or applications
  • Lack of point-to-point encryption in point-of-sale systems

IT Managed Services for Retail

At Compass IT Compliance, we align our cybersecurity strategies and managed services with your organization's goals and your information system's needs. Whether you are a grocery store, e-commerce, dealership, outlet, or gas station, we can tailor an approach to minimize your security risks and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and standards. Examples of the specific retail IT managed services we offer include the following:

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