Nonprofit Industry

Nonprofit Industry

Nonprofit Industry

Nonprofit organizations hold a significant amount of sensitive information and thus are a perfect target for cyber criminals to attack. If your nonprofit accepts credit and debit cards for donations or sells products and / or services on your website, there's a risk associated with the theft of that information. At the same time, many nonprofits hold and transmit personally identifiable information (PII) on individuals receiving services through the organization. Securing this information, depending on the type of information and the type of business the nonprofit engages in, can sometimes compromise the safety of individuals around the world.

In a recent study of nonprofit organizations, it was determined that a staggering 70% of the nonprofits polled have never run a vulnerability assessment. In addition, 69% of those organizations do not have an Incident Response Plan in place, should a security incident occur. One security breach could be the difference between a nonprofit staying in business or having to shut down for good, putting the people and families that depend on their services in great danger.

The good news is that Compass IT Compliance has you covered. With a robust service offering focused on information security combined with our extensive work with nonprofit organizations, Compass is ready and willing to help you mitigate your risk!


IT Risk Assessment Services

Compass will assist your organization in identifying your risks related to people, process, and technology and make recommendations on how you can mitigate your risk through improving controls, both physical and logical, within your organization

Vulnerability Assessment Services

Identify technical vulnerabilities in computers and networks, as well as weaknesses in policies and practices related to the operation of these systems

PCI Compliance Services

Identify gaps and weaknesses in the controls you have established related to the latest version of the PCI Data Security Standard

Penetration Testing Services

Follow industry best practices and methodologies to identify potential threats, pinpointing the devices that could be compromised, and provide you with a detailed, prioritized remediation plan so you can bolster your defenses, before an attack comes your way