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With the rising infrastructure costs and ever-escalating security threats in today's business world, many organizations have decided to host some or all of their environment and data in the cloud instead of locally on-premise. Well-known cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google, offer robust settings, allowing users to leverage a modern well-secured hardware environment. 

However, just because a physical environment is certified does not mean it is secure or compliant. Securing the data inside the cloud is just as important as ensuring the security of the cloud framework. 

Why Cloud Security Is Important

When organizations move sensitive information and applications to the cloud, they typically require enhanced security capabilities different from their on-premise resources. Many of these organizations have multiple cloud accounts or subscriptions requiring varying levels of security oversight.

Unlike conventional networks that use perimeter security controls and firewalls, cloud environments require more advanced security parameters offering protection anytime and anywhere. Because more users access these cloud environments in work-from-home applications and hybrid models, a company's vulnerability can increase.

Moving infrastructure, applications, and data to a cloud-based service introduces risks in areas such as:

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Business Continuity & Incident Management
  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Infrastructure & Virtualization Security
  • Governance & Risk Management

Cloud Security Risk Assessments From Compass IT Compliance

Our Cloud Security Risk Assessment will identify weaknesses within the configuration, policies, and access controls of a cloud environment. This process includes observations and interviews to compile a matrix of risks and gaps. Compass IT Compliance will also provide detailed remediation recommendations for any gap or finding which will assist organizations when mitigating issues to an acceptable risk level.

Our assessment includes reviews of both the data and the applications in the cloud to determine common weaknesses in installation, configuration, policies, and object access control. Following the recommendations from this assessment will help to minimize the potential of a data breach or a compromised account.

Some of the benefits of our security risk assessments include the following:

  • Having complete visibility into your company's cloud footprint.
  • Identifying the elements that can potentially weaken your organization's cloud security posture.
  • Benchmarking your company's existing security strategy against leading industry frameworks and standards.
  • Defining areas for improvement and creating a cloud security strategy aligned with your organization's specific needs and priorities.
  • Providing a more secure environment for cloud services, data and applications.

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Cloud Security Risk Assessment Deliverables

As part of the cloud security risk assessment service, Compass IT Compliance will perform a scan of the Customer's cloud environment — Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google — and provide information on incorrectly configured resources. Components of our cloud security assessments include the following:

  • Executive Summary Report - This report will provide a high-level overview of the assessment process, methodology used, and overall risk to the organization based on the results of the assessment
  • Cloud Security Detailed Control Matrix - This report will outline the controls based on the framework utilized, and what the organization is doing compared to these controls. Each control, if applicable, will provide a risk ranking, as well as a remediation strategy, to reduce the overall risk related to that control

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