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A growing number of businesses are transitioning to cloud-based hosting for their data and operational environments. However, a cloud environment does not guarantee security or compliance by default. Assessing your organization's cloud infrastructure to gauge its security posture and identify potential vulnerabilities is crucial in averting data-related catastrophes.

Cloud Security
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Cloud Security Solutions We Offer

Our Cloud Security solutions are structured into two distinct offerings, each designed to cater to the specific requirements of your business landscape.

Cloud Security Scan

Our Cloud Security Scan offers a comprehensive scanning service for your cloud environment, encompassing leading platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This service is meticulously designed to detect and inform you about any resources within your cloud infrastructure that may be misconfigured or not optimized for security. In addition to identifying these potential vulnerabilities, we also provide expert analysis and insights, offering practical recommendations for improving configuration settings.

Cloud Security Risk Assessment

Our Cloud Security Risk Assessment provides an in-depth evaluation of your cloud environment, focusing on configuration, policies, and access controls to identify vulnerabilities. Utilizing the Cloud Security Alliance's risk framework, along with specific observations and interviews, we create a detailed risk and gap matrix. This assessment covers both data and applications in the cloud. Compass IT Compliance delivers comprehensive remediation strategies to help organizations mitigate identified risks effectively. The Cloud Security Risk Assessment includes a Cloud Security Scan.

Industries We Serve

Compass IT Compliance provides cloud security managed services tailored to a wide array of industries. Our expertise extends to supporting businesses in the gaming industry, encompassing sports betting platforms, casinos, and lottery operators. Our team is adept at securing both online and physical operations in the legal sector, as well as businesses within the utilities and nonprofit sectors. Our comprehensive cloud security solutions are also available for the following industries:

Why Choose Compass?

Businesses of all sizes turn to Compass IT Compliance for their cloud security needs, and the reasons are clear:

Our Team: Boasting a team of highly skilled and extensively certified security professionals, we stand as a leading cloud security company. Our commitment is to collaborate with you and your team, delivering detailed and actionable insights that effectively reduce your risk in the cloud environment.

Our Process: Each engagement begins with a clear outline of team expectations, the scope of our engagement, and a schedule tailored to your unique business requirements. We prioritize conducting our assessments and delivering comprehensive reports promptly, enabling you to address any security concerns swiftly. In the event of identifying high-risk vulnerabilities, we immediately inform you and work collaboratively to determine the most effective strategies for risk mitigation and enhanced cloud security.

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