Risk & Business Resiliency Services

In the field of information security, the frequency and complexity of threats are at an all-time high and continues to transform daily. Organizations across the globe are compelled to display their strategies for maintaining the security of their sensitive data. Ensuring the success of any IT security and compliance department requires a strong emphasis on business continuity, incident response, and IT governance.

Types of Risk & Business Resiliency Services We Offer

As an industry leader in IT risk management & business resiliency services, Compass IT Compliance is your trusted partner in establishing, enhancing, and reporting on the IT controls you have in place. To assist in these areas, Compass IT Compliance offers the following services:

IT Risk Assessments

Outsourced IT Audits

Incident Response Planning

Business Continuity Planning

IT Policy Templates

Data Insights

Vendor Management

Business Resilience Review

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Program

Application Risk Assessments

Risk Management Services for a Broad Industry Range

The requirement for strong IT policies, procedures, and controls transcends industry boundaries, yet our extensive experience in various highly regulated sectors uniquely positions us to provide superior assistance. We have successfully partnered with nonprofits, government agencies, utilities, hospitality companies, and gaming organizations to fortify their IT governance frameworks. Our in-depth expertise spans multiple industries, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that meet specific regulatory and security needs in fields such as:

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Evaluating and documenting the controls, processes, and policies in place is a crucial component of every organization's information security program. Fortunately, Compass IT Compliance is equipped to offer the guidance necessary to reduce your risk of a breach. Contact us today to explore your unique circumstances and discover how we can assist you.