White Label Security Services

White Label Security Services

White Label Security Services

White label security services allow your company to leverage Compass IT Compliance’s highly skilled and certified team to offer quality IT security, compliance, and risk management services to your clients under the umbrella of your established and reputable brand. Our cybersecurity professionals can work seamlessly within your project management environment, displaying a unified front in delivering quality and timely deliverables with industry-leading insights into vulnerabilities present and the steps necessary to remediate risks.


Gain a Competitive Edge with White Label Security Services

Professional service organizations and IT managed service providers (MSPs) can benefit immensely from a partnership with a white label security services vendor such as Compass IT Compliance. Companies have sought a partnership with our team for the following reasons:

  • The opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and expand service offerings to reach new customers who are looking for an all-in-one solution
  • To fulfill a gap in talent within your existing team, either in the interim or long-term
  • The ability to offer a more comprehensive array of service capabilities to existing clients without the need to send them to other vendors
  • To satisfy conflict of interest concerns and utilize an independent set of eyes to verify IT security and compliance

Compass IT Compliance White Label Service Offerings

Nearly all Compass IT Compliance services can be offered in a white label format, though the following are most commonly requested white label services:

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  • Penetration Testing: Our penetration testing consists of analyzing current systems, performing vulnerability scanning, conducting multi-level reporting and implementing remediation strategies.
  • Vulnerability Assessments: The primary components of our vulnerability assessments include information gathering, enumeration vulnerability scanning and an internal vulnerability assessment.
  • IT Risk Assessments: Our IT risk assessments review existing IT environments to identify gaps, risks and internal control weaknesses.
  • Virtual CISO: Our virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) services assist organizations in developing, implementing and maintaining an effective information security program.
  • PCI DSS Compliance: Our Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) services use various tests to evaluate how an organization processes, stores and transmits cardholder data to ensure compliance with current industry regulations.
  • Security Awareness Training: Security awareness training services from Compass IT Compliance offer tailor-made online or classroom training sessions to an organization's specific needs, from general data protection regulation (GDPR) and privacy awareness to retail and finance security awareness.
  • Social Engineering Assessments: Several examples of the services included in our social engineering assessments are phishing campaigns, USB drop attacks, vishing campaigns and physical site visits.
  • Incident Response Services: Our incident response team services help organizations remediate cyberattacks and restore networks to their secure and stable states.

Industries We Serve

Whether you own a bank in the financial services industry, museum in the nonprofit industry or supermarket in the retail industry, Compass IT Compliance offers white-label security services for your needs. Some other industries we can assist include:

  • Health care: Clinics, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Manufacturing: Industrial facilities and parts fabricators.
  • Technology: Electronics, mobile devices and software-based services and products.
  • Gaming: Casino operations, online gambling and state lotteries.
  • Higher education: Colleges, universities and online learning.
  • Utilities: Gas, electricity, water and sewage.
  • Government: Local, state and federal agencies.
  • Hospitality: Entertainment, hotels and restaurants.

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