White Label Security Services

Through our white label security services, your organization can seamlessly utilize the expertise of Compass IT Compliance's certified professionals. Empower your clients with top-tier IT security, compliance, and risk management solutions, all presented under the trusted banner of your distinguished brand.

White Label Security Services
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Gain a Competitive Edge with White Label Security Services

Our cybersecurity professionals can work seamlessly within your project management environment, displaying a unified front in delivering quality and timely deliverables with industry-leading insights into vulnerabilities present and the steps necessary to remediate risks. For managed service providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), accounting and law firms, integrators, industry trade groups, and other professional service organizations and consultants, Compass IT Compliance delivers security solutions tailored to align with the distinctive requirements of your clientele. Organizations have consistently chosen to forge white label partnerships with Compass IT Compliance for reasons including:

  • The opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and expand service offerings to reach new customers who are looking for an all-in-one solution
  • To fulfill a gap in talent within your existing team, either in the interim or long-term
  • The ability to offer a more comprehensive array of service capabilities to existing clients without the need to send them to other vendors
  • To satisfy conflict of interest concerns and utilize an independent set of eyes to verify IT security and compliance

We provide an array of specialized services, from advanced white label penetration testing to comprehensive white label IT risk assessments, each meticulously crafted to address your specific needs effectively. Nearly all Compass IT Compliance services can be offered in a white label cyber security format, though the following are the most commonly requested white label services:

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