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Our vulnerability assessment services, commonly referred to as vulnerability scanning, are dedicated to detecting security vulnerabilities within systems and the software operating on them. As a vital part of a vulnerability management program, our goal is to safeguard your organization against unauthorized breaches and exposure of confidential data.

Vulnerability Assessments
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Types of Vulnerability Assessments We Offer

Several examples of the types of vulnerability assessments we offer at Compass IT Compliance are:

It is often mistakenly believed that data breaches solely originate from outside an organization, overlooking the potential risks within the internal system. Our internal vulnerability scanning service analyzes an organization's security profile from the vantage point of an insider or an individual with access to systems and networks behind the external security barrier.

This complete assessment will uncover vulnerabilities in internal hosts, such as servers, workstations, printers, routers, switches and other network devices and infrastructure components. Internal vulnerability scanning will also assist in the tracking of your patch management process. Our reporting assists organizations in identifying and remediating vulnerabilities within their IT landscape, preemptively safeguarding against unauthorized access that could lead to the alteration, exfiltration, or destruction of confidential information.

Without proper protection, a business network can contain thousands of potential entry points, ripe for criminal exploitation. With the constant emergence of new tactics to exploit these access points, evaluating your external business network for vulnerabilities becomes paramount. Our external vulnerability scanning service is designed to keep you one step ahead of cyber criminals, methodically identifying vulnerabilities in your external network to safeguard your vital data.

This comprehensive assessment pinpoints top security risks, including but not limited to misconfigured firewalls, malware threats, and remote access vulnerabilities. Our service meets compliance standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), aligning your network with both industry-specific cybersecurity regulations and broader best practices for data protection.

Wireless networks enhance organizational connectivity and provide employees with greater working flexibility. However, this convenience also amplifies the security risks, transforming the wireless network into a potential attack surface that requires vigilant management and protection. Our wireless security vulnerability assessment will evaluate the configuration of your 802.11x wireless network implementation, including:

  • Rogue Access Point Detection
  • Ad-hoc Wireless Device Detection
  • Wireless Architecture Review
  • Wireless Encryption Key Cracking

Organizations are constantly evolving and adding new technologies to meet the needs of customers and remain competitive. A continuous vulnerability scanning solution allows organizations to identify and address vulnerabilities much more rapidly when compared to a quarterly or annual vulnerability scan.

Compass IT Compliance's continuous vulnerability scanning services provide a real-time solution that evaluates endpoints in a way that is not accessible by traditional networking scanning solutions, providing an in-depth analysis of the vulnerabilities on your server and PC endpoints. The vulnerabilities are then calculated to provide an overall business risk score. Our reports can also provide insights on how vulnerabilities are being remediated over time.

Industries We Serve

Compass IT Compliance provides vulnerability assessments across a diverse array of industries. Whether you operate within the hospitality sector—including restaurants, hotels, tourism, and entertainment establishments—or represent nonprofits like museums, charities, churches, and foundations, we're here to assist. Our team extends its expertise to government bodies, utility companies, and entities within the gaming sector. We also serve the following industries:

Why Choose Compass?

Many organizations, big and small, trust Compass IT Compliance for their vulnerability assessments. Here's why they choose us:

Our People: Our team is not just highly trained; they are passionate about security. We collaborate closely with your staff, ensuring that our guidance is precise, actionable, and suited to your operational objectives.

Our Approach: Every engagement starts with a conversation. We listen, understand your unique business needs, and then lay out the plan. Throughout our assessment, we keep things transparent and timely. Should we come across any major vulnerabilities, we will immediately notify you, and together we will strategize the best risk mitigation plan.

Internal vs. External Vulnerability Scans

Internal vulnerability scans identify issues within internal hosts, such as workstations, servers, routers, printers, databases, and infrastructure components. These scans begin with access to an internal network or credentialed account, and help to assess the risk of a rogue employee or cybercriminal accessing your network from the inside.

External vulnerability scans identify holes and potential issues in your network's perimeter from an outside point of view where cyber criminals may attempt to enter and attack your system. These scans help to locate the most critical vulnerabilities and can also provide you with a list of open ports and protocols.

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