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More Phishing Examples - Tax Scams!

Tax season is upon us once again. Just like every other tax year, this also marks the beginning of the annual tax season scams that bad actors use to try and steal your information or steal your money. One of the more common scams they run is they attempt to impersonate the IRS and scare you into thinking that you need to pay some type of penalty or you will go to jail. Another scam that gets attention this time of year is scammers filing tax returns on your behalf and claiming your refund. While you need to be aware of both of these scams, I am going to share with you a phishing email that I received last month that is pretty legit, but there are some tell tale signs you can use to sniff out the scam and recognize that this is no good at all.

How To Prevent Phishing? More Like How To Train Your (Dragon) End-User

The most dangerous threat to your company’s information isn’t as the movies would lead you to believe. The hacker in a warehouse surrounded with monitors, expounding upon government conspiracies isn’t knocking at your door. The biggest threat is in your building right now and is about to click on a link from a malicious email that fell through the cracks of all your safeguards, and its your fault.

Beware of Hurricane Harvey Phishing Scams

It is a shame that in the wake of a significant disaster we need to discuss the need for people to be alert of scammers and cyber criminals who are trying to use a tragedy to make money. But here we are and while the people of the great state of Texas deal with a tragedy, the good people of this world who want to donate money and resources need to be on alert! Reports indicate that numerous phishing scams are popping up and targeting people across the country.

Phishing Examples: Even the Security Folks Get Targeted...Again!

If you have been reading the blog for a while, you know that I take phishing examples that I receive or my co-workers receive, post them to the blog, and point out the things that you need to be careful of. I do this primarily to educate folks about what the latest threats look like, what differentiates a good phishing email from a bad phishing email, and also because it is fun (okay, I may be a little weird!) Well today is your lucky day because guess what? I got another phishing email over last weekend!

Phishing Examples: Google Docs Scam

Friends of Compass,

On this blog, phishing examples are nothing new. But, it is our job to share this information with you so that you stay alert, know what the threats are, and what you can do in the event you fall victim to an attack.

You may have seen the recent reports of a Phishing scam involving Google docs currently making it’s rounds. To ensure your safety and spread awareness we’ve provided a brief outline for you and your staff detailing what to be on the lookout for and what should do in the event you’ve already clicked the bait.