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State of Maine Contract Awarded

Compass IT Compliance Awarded Digital Forensics Retainer Contract for the State of Maine

February 21, 2019, 10am

Compass IT Compliance has recently been awarded the digital forensics retainer contract (RFP# 201811217) for the State of Maine. The company will be working closely with state officials on a number of cases, in which they will be collecting, preserving, protecting, and analyzing digital evidence to understand the root cause of security incidents. Founded in 2010 and based in North Providence, Rhode Island, Compass IT Compliance has a proven track record of IT security and audit success. They have been a vendor for the State of Massachusetts for IT security, audit, and compliance services for the past seven years, along with hundreds of organizations across the United States & Canada.

Compass IT Compliance’s Digital Forensics Team assists organizations by:

  1. Analyzing security incident data to understand the extent of the incident, timing of the incident, who was involved with the incident, and what data may have been exposed in the incident
  2. Recommending proper steps for the restoration of systems back to normal operation
  3. Suggesting protection methods for the future to mitigate the risk of future incidents

Compass IT Compliance provides three specific service offerings to organizations of any size and in any vertical market:

  • Post Breach Analysis – Compass will assist organizations with the identification of indicators of compromise, incident timeline, extent of incident, individuals who participated in the incident, and any malware/vulnerability information that contributed to the incident
  • Employee Investigations – Compass will assist organizations in the investigation of employees who have misused organizations assets to improperly access unauthorized data or violated the organizations acceptable use policy
  • Litigation Consulting – Compass will assist litigation experts investigate security incidents to find the truth with no disposition to the outcome of events

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