Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous Vulnerability Scanning Services

Vulnerability scanning is an integral part of any organization's IT security best practices and is a safe and effective way to determine the overall security posture of a computing network. Vulnerability scanning reports will provide organizations with potential and confirmed risks that may leave networks vulnerable to intrusion. Organizations are constantly evolving and adding new technologies to meet the needs of customers and remain competitive. A Continuous Vulnerability Scanning solution allows organizations to identify and address vulnerabilities much more rapidly when compared to a quarterly or annual vulnerability scan.

How can Compass IT Compliance help?

Compass IT Compliance's Continuous Vulnerability Scanning services provide a real-time solution that evaluates endpoints in a way that is not accessible by traditional networking scanning solutions, providing an in-depth analysis of the vulnerabilities on your server and PC endpoints. The vulnerabilities are then calculated to provide an overall business risk score. A monthly report will be delivered that contains a list of vulnerabilities and remediation steps for vulnerabilities discovered. These detailed reports will provide insights on how vulnerabilities are being remediated over time. Continuous Vulnerability Scanning will:

  • Evaluate all relevant assets against standards and benchmarks such as PCI DSS, CIS Controls, ISO, HIPAA, etc.
  • Ensure data is always up to date while requiring no credential management or complex remote access through a firewall
  • Provide a continuous view of your assets and deliver visibility and security solutions for assets that are not easily scanned from the network

Let Compass IT Compliance assist your organization in assessing any risks present through our Continuous Vulnerability Scanning services so you can secure your endpoints, comply with regulatory compliance requirements, and save time, money, and resources in the process. Contact us today to discuss your unique situation. Secure. Comply. Save.


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