Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Assessment Services

Cyber Security is in the news almost on a daily basis. Whether it is a data breach or another ransomware attack, the threat landscape is not only changing faster than ever, it is getting more attention than ever before. The goal of any Information Security program is to have the appropriate controls in place to mitigate your risk of a breach. This includes evaluating the three core components of your business that are constantly changing: People, Processes, and Technology.

People and Processes

People are often the weakest link in an organization's information security program. While this is typically not intentional, it is a risk that must be accounted for by an organization so the appropriate controls and strategies can be put in place to mitigate this risk. This is why organizations conduct Social Engineering Assessments and Phishing Assessments; so they can understand what risk their employees pose and then help to mitigate that risk. Then, you can take your information security program to the next level by implementing a continuous security awareness training program to keep your employees informed and engaged when it comes to the threat landscape.


When most people think about Cyber Security, they automatically think about the technology portion of a business and for good reason. Technology is at the core of how we accomplish most of our work today and we will continue to rely on technology more than ever in the future. However, with great reward comes great risk which is why having strong Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing programs in place are essential to mitigating your risk. 

In some instances, an organization can do everything that they can to lock down their technology and patch their vulnerabilities but a breach can still occur. That is why having a trusted firm perform a root cause analysis by conducting a Digital Forensic Analysis can help you recover quickly and learn valuable lessons around how to mitigate your risk of future incidents occurring. Likewise, having a trusted firm like Compass on retainer for Digital Forensics in the event of an incident can help you respond quicker and determine the root cause of the incident in a timely fashion.

Cyber Security Assessment Services:

Cyber Security is a critical part of every organization's information security program. The good news is that Compass has you covered and can provide the direction you need to mitigate your risk of a breach. Contact us today to discuss your specific situation and learn more about how we can help!

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