Secure. Comply. Save.

Compass CISA-certified auditors perform the IT Audit to examine your IT environment and identify gaps in internal controls. Applying either ISO 27001/27002, CoBIT, or NIST Frameworks, Compass will identify gaps and provide you with a clear remediation plan. file0002120440786.jpg

Compass' role is one of an independent Audit partner and therefore communication among key stakeholders in your organization will not be compromised. Compass' auditors will document all work and promptly report all control weaknesses to your internal audit manager, Audit Committee, and senior management as directed.

Formal report detailing findings and recommendations for remediation of IT controls failing an audit will be provided and presented to your Board of Directors or Audit Commitee.

Whether you are performing an IT Audit to meet regulatory compliance or simply best practice, Compass IT Compliance will help your organization build a culture of security, comply with the various Federal, State, and Industry Regulations, and ultimately save money, time, and resources in the process.