Their Risk is Our Risk (Case Study Draft)

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April 25, 2024 at 11:02 AM

This case study, created by Compass IT Compliance and commissioned by the Scholarly Networks Security Initiative (SNSI), aims to pinpoint threats to higher education institutions and propose measures to safeguard the integrity of scientific records, scholarly systems, and user personal data.

This study utilizes a mixed-methods framework to conduct an extensive examination of cybersecurity issues and their solutions within higher education, integrating both qualitative and quantitative data for a detailed analysis. The research methodology encompasses a comprehensive literature review from academic and industry sources to establish a theoretical foundation and highlight existing knowledge gaps. It also includes semi-structured interviews with a broad array of international stakeholders, including CISOs, IT professionals, and students, to gather varied experiences and evaluate the effectiveness of existing cybersecurity measures. Additionally, case studies on specific cybersecurity events offer practical insights. The data sources for this study are diverse, featuring interviews with cybersecurity experts and end-users, empirical research from academic papers on credential theft, and industry reports from authoritative entities like the FBI and SNSI. These elements underscore the wider national and intellectual property threats related to the theft of academic credentials.

Currently in draft form, the case study is open for community feedback. We invite you to review the document and share your thoughts using the comment form provided at the bottom of this page. Your input is highly valuable and greatly appreciated.


Case Study Draft

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