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Why You Need an Incident Response Plan....Now!

You’ve been breached. Now what?

New vulnerabilities are coming fast and furious. The unfortunate truth for most of us is, it’s not a matter of IF we are breached, it’s a matter of WHEN we are breached. Replace the worry with a plan - an Incident Response Plan. 

WHAT qualifies as an incident? It’s defined as any attempt, successful or unsuccessful, to disable, compromise, bypass, alter, or by any other means maliciously misuse people, information, systems, applications, and hardware.  

The first step in this planning process is to develop an Incident Response Team to address the following 7 components for your Incident Response Plan.

Why You Need an Incident Response Plan Now!

Two weeks ago, Compass IT Compliance had the opportunity to attend and present at the Card Not Present Conference in Orlando. This conference focuses on working with organizations that accept credit and debit cards either online, over the phone, or any other way where the credit or debit card is not physically present to a representative of the merchant, hence the name Card Not Present. Without a doubt, the biggest item that was discussed throughout the conference was the need for organizations to have an Incident Response Plan in place. In this blog post, we are going to talk about what an Incident Response Plan is and what the 6 key steps to an effective plan are.

Don't Let Ransomware Take Your Money: How an Incident Response Plan Can Help!

I feel like all I have been writing about for the past month has been Ransomware. Obviously that is due to the fact that Ransomware is in the news all the time, every day, with new trends that are happening, new "victims" that are identified, and how these organized crime entities keep on upping the ante with each day that passes.