Bryan Borrayo

Bryan Borrayo

Bryan Borrayo is a Sr. National Account Manager for Compass IT Compliance. Leveraging his military background coupled with professional experience, Bryan works everyday to help clients develop strategic gameplans that meet their cybersecurity needs and reduce risk. His primary objective is ensuring the absolute satisfaction of each and every client while also addressing their IT security and compliance risks based on the level of severity.

Posts by Bryan Borrayo

The Crucial Role of SSL Certificates in Cybersecurity


We're living in a time where the digital world's expansion brings with it a shadow – the rise of cybercrime, a reality that can't be ignored. The 2023 statistics from the Advanced Analytics Group (AAG) throw light on this shadow, revealing startling figures:

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Smishing: Text Messages from Scammers


Like most people, you have probably received a text message from a phone number that seemed a little “fishy”. The message may have claimed to be from your bank, asking you to verify your account information, or it may have promised you a gift card if you clicked on a provided link.

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Access Control to Combat Domestic and Global Threats

A map shows a connected Earth as spokes connect one point to another

By now, most cybersecurity professionals have heard of the term access control. Access control is a method of guaranteeing that users are who they say they are and that they have the appropriate access to company data. Access control is comprised of two main components: authentication …

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